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At Preller Law, our Towson, Maryland, lawyers offer generations of legal experience to help address a myriad of legal issues — family-related, personal, and business.

Our strength comes from diligence, adaptability and selective aggression in our cases. We have litigated thousands of cases, reaching ideal outcomes for our clients. First and foremost, however, is our goal of finding solutions for our clients. Oftentimes, this means trying to address the issues through negotiation, alternative dispute resolution and compromise. We also know that in some cases going to court is necessary to protect our clients' interests.

We understand that we must adapt our approach to each client's individual needs and prepare for changes in circumstances which affect those needs — sometimes more than once in a case.

We are located half a block from the Circuit Court, offer free initial consultations and accept major credit cards.

We encourage you to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your legal issues today.

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