Too often, we avoid considering estate planning because we think we are too young. Various life events, such as the loss of a coworker, close family member, or an accident often results in our rethinking our priorities. Whether you are a new college grad, a newlywed, or you have just retired, an estate plan is a must.

Estate planning goes beyond making decisions about what happens to your assets after your death. A complete estate plan will also lay out a plan for what should happen in the event you are injured and unable to speak for yourself. This includes making medical decisions, having someone pay bills in your stead, and making allowances for children when applicable.

When we help you draft an estate plan, we take into consideration what your current financial status is, what changes you may expect to that status in the future, and your current family circumstances. Remember, any life-altering changes like divorce, death of a spouse, or the birth of a child may result in your estate plan needing to be changed. We are here to help regardless of the circumstances.

In addition to estate planning, we can also help guide you through the probate process if you have been tasked with settling the estate of a loved one in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Harford County, Anne Arundel County, or Howard County. We understand this process can be very confusing. We understand the probate process in Maryland, and we can help you navigate the process from opening a probate case to the filing of a final report with the court. Contact the Law Offices of Preller & Preller today for all your estate planning or probate needs.